About Me
Christina Cartwright

I grew up in the country out among the cornfields of Posey County. I guess I am a child of the corn, all though I prefer taters!
I have always loved spooky things since a small child. I spent a lot of time with my grandma, and she introduced me to the things that go bump in the night....or day.
 We would watch Dark Shadows together when I got home from school. She and I would play on the Ouija Board sometimes if I promised not to tell my parents ;)
     Today I live in the small town of Mount Vernon Indiana with my husband Tom and our cat child Gypsy.
I create illustrations and book covers for clients all over the world. My main website is https://theartisticcat.com
This site, Ominous Visions, is mostly for my personal website where I can share my darker side.  
I hope you enjoy your visit!
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